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About the Virtual Tours

The barrie company brings an alternative method to visiting locations in person and is accessible from any device. We record and recreate the entirety of your site using 360 panoramas which enable you to view your site through hundreds or even thousands of positions throughout time. Our goal is to provide an experience that rivals reality and eliminate unnecessary travel saving you and your clients time and money.

We Go to the Site so You Don't Have to

"Working with the barrie company allows us to bring the site into our meetings and see for ourselves what the issues are."

Allowing Experts to Analyze from Anywhere

Quality control and assessment is the job of every member involved. The barrie company allows everyone to participate by providing a common ground that anyone can view from anywhere. Seeing the ground truth helps avoid problems by catching them earlier in the process, saving time and money.

Virtual Tour
Navigate your space seamlessly

Quality Control
Enable your entire team to find and resolve issues remotely

Ground Truth
Use photographic evidence to make decisions

Historical Data
Capture your work and compare different days throughout your process

Let customers experience your work through a fully submerged tour

BIM Integration
Compare BIM models with reality and spot differences without looking at plans

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    Benefits of a Virtual Tour in Construction

    General Contractor
    Identify Risks Remotely
    Time Line Validation
    Communicate Locations
    Capture Milestones
    Access Historical Data
    Validate Work with BIM Comparison
    Punch List Coordination

    Enhance Work Plan
    Understand the Site Before Arrival
    Site Navigation

    Facilities Services
    Access to Historical Data
    Ease of Finding Information
    Visual Conformation of Utilities


    View the Progress Remotely
    Share with Investors
    Cost Validation

    Project Managers
    Bring the Site into the Meetings
    Identify Risks Early
    Monitoring Site Development
    Quality Assessment & Quality Control
    Move Management

    Verify Site Conditions
    Understand The Environment
    Compare BIM Model with Reality
    Virtually Visit the Site
    As-Built Validation