During design and pre-construction phases of any project, both the design and construction must be considered simultaneously. Our team will assume the responsibility to ensure that both aspects develop in unison. We will work collaboratively with the team to manage design milestones that facilitate a timely construction phase delivery, acting as the conduit from the project stakeholders to the design and construction team.

The Barrie Company understands design-build and progressive design-build and the impact the team’s role can play on any project. Our goal is to help assemble and manage the right team for the project at hand.

  • RFQ / RFP Preparation
  • Design schedule review
  • Design validation
  • Design team scope of services
  • Assist in defining and communicating the owner’s objectives and goals.
  • Assist in defining the owner’s definition of design value
  • Cost trend management
  • Team alignment / Stakeholder management
  • Early risk identification
  • Project reporting


We will provide proactive leadership in the coordination of the project team to analyze risk and provide solutions to potential rocks in the road. Our team will manage the development of the project budget and work with you to establish cost control systems. A purposeful blend of expertise and planning will help define expectations and provide a successful start to the project.

  • Estimating
  • Oversight on entitlements and permitting
  • Phasing alternatives / milestones
  • Budget management
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Sustainability / LEED planning
  • Constructability reviews
  • 3rd Part Coordination (AHJ, Utility, Municipal)
  • Optimizing strategies for procurement and phasing construction

Project Management / Staff Augmentation

Our team will deliver individual projects, complex programs and build consistent and reliable processes to achieve project goals. Our project management services provide comprehensive supervision, collaboration with inspection services and oversight on project commissioning. We offer proven experience that will help reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets and keep projects aligned with the planned schedule.

  • Monitor project performance and enforce the requirements of the contract documents.
  • Manage project controls
  • Monitor the project budget / changes
  • Review progress payments.
  • Project reporting
  • Photo documentation
  • Reviewing special testing and inspection requirements
  • Owner FF&E Management
  • Start-up and commissioning oversight
  • LEED Coordination

Program Management

When managing the program of a project, it is important to be mindful of the big picture as you move from concept to completion and make predictable outcomes. Start with the end in mind and learn the things you don’t know to create a better, more comprehensive program. Our team will turn ideas and visions into a plan of action.

  • Conditions assessment
  • Master planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Master program schedule
  • Program budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Programming interviews

Cost Management & Project Monitoring

From pre-design through bid documents, our team can provide a full range of cost management and estimating services. We help our clients develop a clear understanding of project costs and the potential risks associated with their projects with our experience in the market conditions, labor productivity and operations. We provide project cost monitoring to developers and finance lenders.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Project budgets
  • Budget validation (during Design-Build delivery)
  • Change management
  • Project cash flow analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Escalation

Project Scheduling

Through our scheduling methods, software and past experience, we are able to report information to our clients quickly and accurately, spotting potential problems before they occur. Whether it be a short interval planning or long-term projects our team can provide proactive plans for all phases of the project and ensure the schedule complies with the contract requirements. Our team can implement Primavera P6 Solutions, Microsoft Project or Smartsheets CPM Planning.

  • Analyze project changes
  • Examine “what-if” scenarios
  • Track project progress
  • Review project updates
  • Create move-planning sequence schedules
  • Track FF&E and owner activities
  • Track resource loading

Facility Assessment Consulting

Accurate and timely data is critical for capital planning and budgeting.  Our team will be a trusted partner in managing the repair, renewal, replacement, and compliance of the buildings, systems, equipment and site. Through a collaborative effort we will develop assessment priorities starting with life safety and include a thorough cost-effective analysis of the facility.

  • Capital Planning
  • Identification of Life-Safety Hazards
  • Routine or Deferred Maintenance Analysis
  • Review of Facility Operations
  • Roofing Assessments, including thermal imaging, coring and recommendations.
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Sustainability Recommendations
  • Bid / Award Master Service Agreements

Drone Services & Aerial Photography

Aerial imaging from a drone brings timely and actionable insights including 2D and 3D models to assist project managers, general contractors, site superintendents and engineers in tracking construction progress, measuring material stockpile volumes, improving environmental compliance, providing timely site surveys and real-time mapping, improving safety and maintaining project schedules and budgets. 3-D models and high-resolution aerial images can help bring a timely and valuable perspective to all project stakeholders.

  • Aerial Video
  • Photography
  • Mapping
  • 3D Modeling
  • Thermographic Imaging
  • Plant Health
  • Plant Count (Quantity, Healthy, Dead & Missing)
  • Elevation Mapping
  • Land Surveys
  • Drainage Study
  • Area Verification
  • GPS
  • Aerial Surveying and Volumetric Analysis
  • Asset Inspection